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VIKALP empowers the marginalized and oppressed people to break their culture of silence to raise their voice for alternative and people centered development. The organization especially focuses on changing the power situation in society through socio-legal intervention with the perspective of human rights and social justice.

VIKALP is a voluntary organization working with the Dalit, tribal and minorities since 2002. The trustees and members of VIKALP are working in different fields of community development i.e. Social, Legal, Environment, and Mass communication mainly with Dalits (Scheduled Caste), Tribals (Scheduled Tribes) and downtrodden people.

Vikalp as an organization initiated its work to insure the implementation of the law called Gujarat Panchayat Sudhara Adhiniyam  1998 (PESA-Panchayat Extension in Scheduled Areas) and strengthening Tribal Self Governance in 2002. Apart from other parts of Gujarat VIKALP is actively working in Dang, Surat, Tapi, Narmada and Navsari districts of South Gujarat and Patan district of North Gujarat. Right now vikalp is working for social transformation of Dalits, Adivasis, Bakshipanch (OBCs) and Laghumatis in State of Gujarat.

Vikalp is empowering the people by its 10 Point Programs in Rural Gujarat.
Point Program
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