Objectives of MGNREGA:
  • To provide legal guarantee for 100 days of wage employment to every household in the rural areas of the country each year.
  • To combine the twin goals of providing employment and asset creation in rural areas.

  1. Implementation of MGNREGA - work demand - proper and timely payment - bank / post accounts of individual worker - Proper Gramsabha and Social Audits
  2. Legal advice and aid to the migrant labor who become victims of injustice at work side
  3. Capacity building of leaders of Gramin Mazdoor Sabha, Gujarat.

Awareness and Implementation of Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme:

  • Awareness at village and Taluka level about the EGA Program.
  • Awareness, information and help to get the "Job Card" to each needy family of the Vikalp villages.
  • Education and help for filling application to get the Work.
  • Education and help for filling application to get the unemployment allowance who do not get the employment under the scheme.
  • Education and help to get proper wages under the scheme for their work.
  • Education and help to do complain for those whom not get job card and/or employment and/or unemployment allowance and/or proper wages under the EGA scheme.
  • Education and strategic help to convening special Gramsabha for the EGA worker of the villages.
  • Education about the majorment of work done, calculating the wages according to the work done.
  • Application or complain to the village Panchayat if work is not started even after demand from the workers of that village.
  • Awareness and Training regarding the Concept of Social Audit and do process of social audit with people participants in Gramsabha.
  • Network and coordination with the other NGOs and Government Officials or Department to implement the EGA program.

Social Audit
Social Audit is a process in which, details of the resource, both financial and non-financial, used by public agencies for development initiatives are shared with the people, often through a public platform. Social Audits allow people to enforce accountability and transparency, providing the ultimate users an opportunity to scrutinize development initiatives

Article 17 (2) of the NREGA says "the gram sabha shall conduct regular social audits of all the projects under the Scheme taken up within the Gram Panchayat". Article 17 (3) says "the Gram Panchayat shall make available all relevant documents including the muster rolls, bills, vouchers, measurement books, copies of sanction orders and other connected books of account and papers to the gram sabha for the purpose of conducting the social audit."

This year VIKALP focus on 2 major aspect of MGNREGA (1) Timely payment (to resolve the issue of Delay payment) and (2) Proper Social Audit by Gramsabha.