Focus: Panchayat level - budgetary allocation - expenses on file - physical structure at village level - find out the thief of village assets - file complaints against the culprits etc..

Freedom of expression is protected in Article 19 of the Constitution of India*

Awareness and use of Right to Information Act:

  • Information and education about the right to information act.
  • Provide different forms to get information and applications and/or complains.
  • Education about the administrative structure of RTI.
  • Education regarding the analysis of the information.
  • Awareness and education about the problem and related information.
  • Education to demand and use of various information's for proper implementation of governmental schemes and/or laws.
  • Awareness and education about the need of right to information act to implement the Panchayati Raj.
  • Education about how to use the right to information act in EGA program for its better implementation, proper wages and other.
  • Training proper use of right to information act to the volunteers.
  • Education for use of information to decrease the corruption level, proper and speedy procedure and knowledge about the problem solution with government agencies.

Right to Education and Social Audit together give speedy, fair and curruptionless process of people's development.